The Alternative Christmas Wish List of the Toddler

So apparently Christmas is on the way?You might have heard the cries from the older children in your life of “can I have one of those?” or “I really need one of those” – these normally come during the adverts on The Disney Channel or Nick Jr, but the toddler in your house might have other ideas…I’ve been contemplating what to get our second smallest little man for Christmas and really his ideal list goes something like this:

  • A pair of headphones, he will like them more if they are the pink ones that his big sister owns
  • An electric toothbrush, because basically these are the most fascinating of all the family of toothbrushes and must also be used by his big sister before he has it
  • A ball, hell about a hundred balls, because he will never tire of saying his favourite word “ball”
  • A plastic fruit shoot bottle, because…well all the big kids are doing it!
  • If Santa is all out of empty fruit shoot bottles then a sports bottle like the one Daddy has would be just fine
  • A tube of hand sanitiser … well because Mummy puts it on everyone so it must be the thing to have these days
  • Finally, and leaving the best until last…top of the toddler wish list has to be…drum roll…a packet of baby wipes – these are the ultimate and only created to be pulled out of the packet one by one at speed and then chewed!

And that’s just about it really…forget Iggle Piggle, Duplo and Mickey this is what the toddler in your life needs to have!

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