The Amazing Benefits of Moving Your Family to the Countryside

When you have a family, deciding where to live can be difficult. Many people grow up in a city and decide that they want a more tranquil environment for their children. On the other hand, some people hated their childhood in the countryside and want their children to have a different experience. Moving to the country is a popular choice for families who don’t get on with urban life. It can offer many benefits, from fresh air and proximity to nature to a sense of community. If you’re considering a move, you might want to read these reasons for making your home in a more rural location.


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Choice of Homes

It’s no secret that some cities can be completely cramped. In some places, you’re lucky if you can afford a small flat on the outskirts. Owning a house is all but impossible for many people in large cities like London. However, out in the countryside you can find there’s much more available to you. To get an idea of the properties you could live in, look at Jayne and Moss. Depending on the location you choose, it could be a lot cheaper to buy or rent a home. You can find houses with gardens and even larger pieces of land. What buys you a two-bed flat in some cities could get you a four-bed house in more rural locations.

Sense of Community

People often complain that there is no longer a community feel where they live. They don’t know their next-door neighbours well, let alone anyone else on the street. This is often different in the countryside. You might have fewer neighbours, but people can rely on each other more. Even though there are fewer people, you can find it easier for both you and your children to make friends.

Open Spaces

In a city, you can find parks or perhaps more urban areas for your family to explore. However, there’s no doubt that rural areas offer more when it comes to having somewhere to play outside. You have more freedom to go on walks and bike rides, to enjoy your surroundings. Many parents feel safer letting their children play outside on their own in the countryside than in cities. They can get in touch with nature and learn how to respect the world around them. There are so many things you can do together, from camping to horse riding.

Good for the Health

Living out in the countryside can be healthier than living in a city too. There’s plenty of fresh air, without the pollution and smog you can find in urban places. With all that open space to explore, it’s easy to encourage your children to get outside and exercise. There has also been evidence to suggest that living in the countryside is good for your mental health. Plus, children in rural areas tend to have less asthma and fewer allergies than those from cities.

Moving to the countryside could be an excellent decision for your family, but if you can’t make the move, even a visit could do you all good.

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