The best on the go foods for little people

As a family who are constantly on the go we really value quality foods that can be consumed on the go. As far as I am concerned, being busy shouldn’t mean you compromise on taste or quality. Convenience foods should not equal eating rubbish as far as I am concerned.

So when I pack the snack bag (which pretty much goes everywhere with us these days) I pack a range of healthy snacks for the children which may include:

Then I will often add in some gingebread men by organix and some crisps or a treat . I chop the fruit up and put it in little tubs and I pack a little freezer pouch into the bag to keep everything cool.
Often we haven’t gone far before a little voice will say “Mummy what’s in the snack bag?” – I’m never quite sure if they are actually hungry or if they just like to see what goodies I have packed that day!

They children have been trying a brand new flavour from the Suckies range lately … blueberry! I have to say I like the sound of these myself. I like Suckies pouches because they are a really convenient form of family snacking through a design that allows them to be enjoyed spoon-free, for minimum mess. They are also made with quality ingredients. The children love the novelty of the pouches, which are easy to hold for even the smallest of fingers and their scrummy taste!

The Collective’s kids range is created for children over six months of age and each one is packed full of whole milk goodness and only contains sugars found naturally in fruit. Suckies are free from GM ingredients, gluten, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians, with no pips and bits allowed – this is always a winner!The really ‘cool’ thing about Suckies is that they can be frozen at home and popped into lunchboxes so by lunchtime they’re nice and cool. The children filled in these report cards the other day so they could send their feedback to The Collective. You can see blueberry was a big hit.

What are you favourite on the go snacks for your little people?

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