The big blogiversary giveaway: day twenty three

Although Mummy Fever has been around for quite a while now, it is a year since the new look blog emerged and things really moved on. As a result of this we are only really celebrating the first anniversary of this side of Mummy Fever.

As part of this celebration we are bringing you lovely readers a month of giveaways. Each day during March we will be launching a new giveaway and on the final day of the month there will be a bumper list of prizes on offer for one lucky winner.

Each giveaway will run for two weeks so you will have plenty of time to enter.

There are some great brands taking part and these are some of our favourites, so we hope you enjoy the prizes.


Good luck from all of us!

Today we are giving you the chance to win a 1000 piece puzzle from Jumbo Games “Wasgij Mystery  12: The Unusual Suspects”. One for the rainy day cupboard!


Just complete the easy widget  below to enter!
The big blogiversary giveaway: day twenty three

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  1. I honestly think you have everything covered. I do love craft ideas though for adults and for kids!

  2. Love the content, such an informative site, hard to see where you could improve it really! But agree that cheap ideas are always welcomed!

  3. Very varied blog
    Can’t say I can think of ought else -still working my way through all the ones you have

  4. I agree with the others, very difficult to improve such a great site! The only thing I can think of is some tv/book/film reviews maybe? I love reading about other people’s perceptions of things I’ve seen and read 🙂

  5. I think you’ve got it pretty much nailed. It would be great to find out some suggestions for free trips out and about such as museums or fairs etc? x Happy Easter!

  6. Some quick family recipes would always be great. And I’m rubbish at coming up with activities to keep the children entertained on a wet day.

  7. I love your blog and think it is just perfect the way it is. I always feel a blog is personal to the person writing it and you should blog about whatever you feel like blogging about.

  8. I think you cant go wrong with product reviews – always great to hear opinions before I buy

  9. more of the same – love the reports of your days out, even though there in a completely different part of the country to me, and the reviews

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