The busy mummies guide to breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a first baby is quite different from breastfeeding subsequent children…when you have more than one it goes something like this… The first few days…

  • the days and nights merge into one big long day when everyone sleeps except you
  • feeding can be a bit awkward even if you have done it before – different babies feed differently so don’t expect to be a instant expert or your baby to for that matter
  • you try to sit comfortably to feed with a feeding cushion or in a special chair perhaps
  • you try to ensure you grab a drink, your phone and perhaps the remote as you may be sometime
  • you think about the ‘optimal feeding position’ , checking nose to nipple, tummy to mummy and so on
  • wait… are all the other children ok? can you see/hear them? do they need anything?
  • you ponder over what to wear everyday, asking yourself, can I feed in this?

Once feeding is established…

  • after a few weeks you start to relax
  • you are into a rhythm and so is your baby
  • you don’t worry so much about what you are wearing as you have learnt to improvise
  • you can predict more when your bay might be getting hungry and try and ensure this doesn’t clash with requirements of other family members
  • you are still feeding at night but it is less chaotic than it once was
  • you can feed in a range of positions and you are less awkward
  • you no longer need to worry about optimal feeding position as your baby can latch well without too much bother
  • everyone else still sleeps more than you but you are a machine…you can do it!

You know you are an expert when…

  • you can feed standing up, walking around the house giving instructions to other family members or ‘supervising’ something
  • you can feed whilst: cooking dinner; emptying the washing machine; loading the tumble dryer; bathing the older children; loading the dishwasher; typing; phoning someone; signing for a parcel and so on…
  • you no longer care about what you are wearing, that boob can find its way out somehow
  • you breastfeed during school plays, sat in car parks, walking around the supermarket, watching swimming lessons, karate lessons, horse riding lessons and whilst reading stories and helping with homework
  • you have forgotten what your breastfeeding cushion looks like!
  • optimal feeding positions are laughable

Breastfeeding can be a massive advantage for busy mums. No bottles to wash or sterilise and the milk doesn’t need warming up – just flop a boob out and carry on!

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  1. Great list. I agree it's gets easier, but I haven't yet mastered the art of walking around and feeding. The other thing I have found hasn't changes is how jealous my toddler gets when the baby feeds, but I guess eventually this will change #binkylinky

  2. 13 months is amazing – well done you. My l3rd stopped at 10 months on his own really but it means he isn't jealous of the little one now when he feeds. My fourth is 4 months and has two teeth which is a challenge but we are working through it…he only bites occasionally!

  3. Love the list. A good stretchy sling is a must for multitasking feeding. I'm still feeding my 16 month old son with baby number two due in 3 months so good to have a refreaher course in new born feeding

  4. Gosh that takes me back a bit, I distinctly remember cooking dinner for my other two whilst breastfeeding #3 and feeling pretty hardcore!!!! What a palava though trying to feed with siblings around and a busy life, I must admit I don't miss it!!! x

  5. No you are right – you just find your way and make it up as you go along. My youngest 3 don't know any different and they are all used to me walking around feeding, it's a very regular day here – good luck x

  6. Fab tips, bfeeding came easy to me but I remember the fatigue and it can be tough-I think it's important that women don't put pressure on themselves too. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  7. Love this and so true you definitely know you have it down pat when you can multitask at the same time. Too funny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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