The conveyor belt vs the tandem change

When you have more than one child in nappies at any one time how do you manage?

I have tried out two different methods.The first is what i call “The Conveyor Belt” and the other I refer to as “The Tandum Change”.

Each have their time and place and it is trial and error as to which one works best for you…perhaps there is even another system that I haven’t even thought of yet?

I tried the conveyor belt system first…One baby into the pit stop, changed and off… then the next baby into the pit stop, changed and off.

This works OK if you have little ones who don’t go to far but if you have children who don’t like to ‘hang around’ too much then this doesn’t work that well. This doesn’t work very well when you have a toddler who likes to take all their clothes off or one that refuses to keep still for a nappy change.

Needless to say I tend NOT to apply this system anymore. I now favor The Tandum Change. This means I turn the change mat sideways and lie the little ones down next to each other for some simultaneous nappy changing! Awesome…this works a treat…well for now anyway.

The main benefit of this approach is that the babies coo and chat to each other whilst I get going with the big clean up at the other end! They are occupied and distracted and no one tries to escape.Well it works for now anyway!

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  1. I just used to change my twins nappies one at a time. I remember all the nappies. It was a lot! I don't miss that now they're potty trained! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

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