The curse of the rice cakes

Rice cakes … do you love them or hate them?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with these. Β Last night when my smallest little man was gobbling them down, I loved them. This morning, when I realised he had 2.5 of them stuck to his bottom and the other 0.5 was in my hair on the school run, I was not so much of a rice cake fan!


Why we love them:

  • They are a great weaning snack for babies
  • They are great for developing the pincer grip in babies
  • They are a healthy snack for toddlers
  • The big kids even ASK if they can eat them as well
  • They are low fat
  • They come in lots of tasty flavours
  • Many of the ones aimed at babies and children are organic
  • They come is large-ish bags and you can buy them in bulk from Amazon

Why we hate them:

  • They stick to clothes
  • They jump and land in your hair
  • They break up into small bits you are still finding days later
  • They are so lightweight you can be wearing almost an entire pack and not realise
  • The blueberry ones stain little faces
  • No matter how many you buy, there are never enough in the house

Where do you sit with rice cakes?

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  1. Ah yes. Rice Cakes.
    Our little one loves the Yogurt ones from Aldi… I say loves… I’m sure they are her first actual addiction.

  2. Yes…they are so messy! And they get all sticky too – eww gross! Little one is a huge fan though and we always have them in the house. I personally like the dark chocolate covered ones from EAT! Still healthy right?! #FridayFrolics

  3. My baby loves rice cakes. She always breaks it first with her fingers before trying to eat all the little pieces. It makes it so much messier and no matter how much I clean I seem to always find little rice cake crumbs.. #thelist

  4. Oh how it’s post like these that remind me why I’m glad my boys have grown through the sticky messy part of things like this! #bigfatlinky

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