The first time I saw you

I knew you were coming.

Mummy spent months preparing me for your arrival. She was so worried I wouldn’t like you, or maybe that I wouldn’t like her anymore for having you.

The first time I saw you, you were sleeping. I poked you in the eye and you woke up and pulled a face at me.

I asked to hold you and we sat together and I just looked at you whilst you slept on my knee.

Mummy need not have worried. I loved you the first time I saw you. I was never jealous. I was kind. I was patient and I was loving. Mummy was very proud of us and the way we learnt to take care of each other.

Today we are much older and you are much bigger. You are not that little baby I cuddled on my knee, but I still love you, honest I do, I just don’t say it very often because it’s not cool is it?

You’re my best friend though…just don’t tell my friends!


We knew you were coming, even when you were a tiny seed deep down in Mummy’s tummy. Mummy wasn’t worried we wouldn’t like you. She knew we would. She trusted us to be a great big brother and sister. We told her we had it nailed.

We got so impatient waiting for you. You took so long to grow and then so long to come out. We got a bit cross with Mummy that she wasn’t getting you out fast enough.

We made you some pictures and we bought you gifts.

When we saw you for the first time we cried. We weren’t sad though. We were so happy. We cuddled you, so tight, we didn’t want to put you down. We were quite good about sharing you though, mostly the three of us sat cuddled together.

Did we love you? We loved you more than we’d ever loved before. Mummy could tell from our eyes.

You liked our cuddles and you were such a happy baby.

Now you are growing up. You are so cute and you say the funniest things. You make us laugh, everyday.

We loved you then, love you now, always have, always will.


We knew you were coming. Not quite as early as last time, but we knew you were on the way. We knew you would be a boy as well, we just had a feeling, we all did, so even though Mummy and Daddy had a girls’ name, we knew they wouldn’t need it.

You made us wait, and wait and wait some more. In the end Mummy had to go to the hospital so they could tell you it was time to come out. You weren’t listening to us. We understood though. We all wanted to stay in Mummy’s tummy as long as possible, it was comfy in there.

When you finally arrived you made us all so happy. We cuddled you and kissed you. You liked lots of cuddles all of the time, you didn’t like it if we put you down, so we didn’t. We just cuddled you more.

We love teaching you new things. You learn so fast because you copy everything we do. Now there are two big ones and two little ones and that is just perfect. You completed our family and you were the perfect addition.


The first time I saw you, I loved you. An instant, overwhelming, all-encompassing love, and every day that passes I love you more.


  1. That’s so beautiful and really sums up the fears and worries of introducing new siblings, good luck in the challenge

  2. Ahhh what a beautiful post – so sorry for the delay in commenting for some reason I missed out the first line two weeks ago! Freaking! Hope all is well and keep writing so lovely these will be amazing to look back on when the kids are grown up. #sharewithme

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