The funny things they say…

As a mummy one of the best things has to be listening to all the funny things your children say. I love it!

I always think that I wish I had the opportunity to capture all of these in some way, so I can smile at them over and over and also remind them when they are older.

Christmas Jumpers

There have been some gems in our house this week and it’s only Wednesday…”I don’t want Santa to come to our house because he is too stinky and he has a funny beard”; “Let’s kiss like Eskimos Mummy”; “I am amazing … I can do a stand up wee”; “I am too tired to eat”; “I know how I got out of your tummy Mummy … I climbed out on a ladder!” “Look … I did a massive poo and it looks like a slimy snake”; when I grow up I want to be a T-Rex (totally my fault as I frequently tell the children they can be anything they want to be).

my tribe

The trouble is, there are so many of these all the time and I just can’t keep up.

How, as parents can we preserve all this magic that comes from our children? The funny things the CONSTANTLY say,  and the funny way they say them. It’s so hard to remember to record them all, but I know I will miss these days so dreadfully when they are gone.

So how about the rest of you? Any gems to share?

How do you capture these amazing moments?

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