The Mummy Fever Guide to the Best Large Family Cars: Part 9 – The New Ford Galaxy

If you have been following the blog you will know that we have been on the look out for a large family car . Some of the cars we have looked at include the Mitsubishi Outlander, The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect and the Volkswagen Sharan . The last car we looked at was the Seat Alhambra.

We recently visited Car Fest and tried out The New Ford Galaxy for the day.

I love the look of this car. I don’t personally think it looks that different to the Sharan and Alhambra. I like the shape and most of all I like the fact that you can comfortably transport seven people, without looking like you are driving a bus. Well done Ford!

There are some really great things about this car. It is jam-packed with family-friendly features, so perfect for a large family or one that just travels a lot.

The interior is sleek and stylish and probably has the edge here over the Alhambra. It is a nice drive and handles well. The acceleration compared to the Alhambra was rather sluggish and it didn’t seem quite as responsive, but the steering was really nice.

One of the standout things for me in this car is the comfort factor in the front. The drivers’ seat hugged my spine and I felt very supported whilst in the car. Without making any adjustments to the seat, it supported my whole body and made for a very comfy drive. I can imagine that on a long journey this would make such a difference.


All three of the seats on the middle row have Isofix fittings and as all three seats are full size, you could have three Isofix seats in a row if you needed to. Unlike the Sharan and Alhambra, the two rear seats are not Isofix compatible, meaning there are not quite the same number of options.

Where this car has the edge over the Sharan and Alhambra is in the way the seats in the rear of the car are controlled. They all move forward, backwards and fold down, but this is all controlled in the push of a button. There is no pulling of straps or lugging of seats, just press the button. All the seats fold down, slide forward and maneuver really easily, so there is easy access to the two rear seats.

The middle row of seats have these handy ‘in-flight’ tray tables, great for older children on long journeys. The cup holders are large and deep, as are all the door pockets, so nothing flies out when you get out of the car or go around a tight corner.

There is loads of legroom in the rear of the car, plenty for an adult to sit comfortably in there. There are lots of charging sockets in the car, so all family members can stay fully charged on the go. I was especially impressed with the standard socket, meaning I could charge my laptop and work on the go.

There is a really handy storage pocket in the centre of the dashboard, perfect for phones, sunglasses etc, and other handy storage around the car.

With the two back seats down, the boot is huge and you could even take the kitchen sink if you wanted to. With those seats in use the boot takes a pushchair and not much more.

I’ve prepared a list of pros and cons of the Galaxy to help you decide if this could be the car for you. You will notice that there are way more pros than cons to this car for a large family and I have to say, of the cars we have tried so far this ticked lots of the boxes.


  • Tray tables
  • Large, deep cup holders
  • Lots of leg room, even in the rear of the car
  • High roof so feels very spacious inside
  • Seats slide forward and backwards to allow for more legroom
  • Optical parking system detects all around the car
  • Fully functional 7 seater
  • Lots of storage pockets
  • Excellent visibility
  • Very comfortable
  • Seats moved at the push of a button
  • Sleek and stylish interior
  • Comfortable gear stick position


  • Very small boot when all 7 seats operational
  • No sliding doors like the Alhambra which makes getting children out of the car in small spaces tricky
  • No Isofix points in the boot seats

Any questions…get in touch!


  1. I’m finding your car series so useful, we’re still on the look out for a 7 seater but going to wait until you’ve completed all your tests to decide which to test drive. #picknmix

  2. I think we’ll need to replace our 12 year old Ford Focus soon but I hate buying cars (as you can probably tell from the age of ours), can never make a decision! #pocolo

  3. I like this family car – and this is a great review. We have found that we cannot beat our Mazda 5 if you want to find something reliable and big – plus the rear doors slide which means Grace doesn’t open them onto other vehicles! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. This looks quite a lot like my Vauxhall Zafira on the outside, although a lot cleaner and newer and definitely cleaner on the inside 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix!

    Stevie x

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