The perfect sleepover

I always loved a sleepover as a child. There was always something exciting about going for a sleepover at a friends house or having a friend to stay at my house.

One year, for my birthday I had a sleepover in my parent’s caravan in the back garden with a few friends. My dad set us up with a TV and VCR (showing my age) and we watched movies all night long.

The big kids are at an age now where they are having sleepovers with friends but they also camping out in each others’ rooms and they will often make a den or set up camp in each others’ rooms.

A Ready Bed or a Z Bed is a great thing to have at home for a sleepover . They are practical and easy to use and children love the novelty of sleeping somewhere different for the night.

Personally, I find the Ready Beds really handy as they are an all in one sleeping bag, pillow and mattress and the children like them because you can get their favourite characters on them. For example, this year there are two new ready beds to celebrate the launch of the new Cinderella and Star Wars movies.


They are quick to put up and come with their own pump. They are also compact, which makes them a great choice for home but also for travelling with children.

A good sleepover has to involve a movie, a few snacks and some hot chocolate and marshmallows too.

What do you think makes a good sleepover?

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