The perfect toys for Christmas

WOW Toys

If you are a parent of a child or children aged between 1 and 5 years old and you haven’t heard of WOW toys you really need to take a look

These toys are very appropriately named and quite frankly when I heard of them I said exactly that “WOW”!

So what makes these the ideal Christmas present?

It’s simple…no batteries needed!

Now to someone without children that may sound insignificant but anyone with children should understand what a draw this is.

The two biggest issues in our house on Christmas Day are always getting things out of the packaging … not easy and secondly that EVERYTHING needs batteries.

Last year a very considerate family member stuck the correct size batteries to the box of one toy and that was huge!

With WOW toys you don’t even need any and for that reason I adore this brand.

These toys are also very well made, durable, colourful and the age range on them is around 1-5 years meaning that they last a long time as children do not out grow them very quickly like with some toys.

Quite simply your Christmas tree NEEDS these toys underneath it this year.

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