The rise of the threenager

The run up to the recent third birthday in our house was pretty full on. Three, it seems is a rather special age, full of change, possibility, new skills and superpowers.

Three is a big deal.

being three

Back at two and a half the planning began for being three, and it went a bit like this:

“When I am big boy three I am going to go to school”

“When I am big boy three I am going to use the potty”

“When  I am big boy three I am going to go horse riding”

“When I am big boy three I am going to swimming lessons”

“When I am big boy three I am going to sleep in a big boy bed”

“When I am big boy three I will go to gymnastics”

horse riding

Before three arrived he’d already nailed the potty, the switch to a big boy bed and the horse riding.

Shortly after his birthday he had his school induction and I ordered his uniform to match the big kids.

We are waiting on a call to let us know a time for a swim class and gymnastics starts in September.

So THREE has been pretty epic and we’ve not been there a month yet!


However, three has also seen the rise of the threenager. The threenager has developed some diva like qualities that would rival some of the biggest divas of all time.

The air conditioning has to be just the correct temperature and the blower has to be on at just the correct speed. Toast has to be spread a certain way and cut into triangles, not squares, except of course the days when it has to be left as one huge piece. Of course, the damn toast never gets eaten anyway so it may have well as been cut into strips.

If anyone squishes the sacred blue trilby hat…well, good luck to you, and if the milk is the wrong temperature or you try to diversify the bedtime story selection ….well good luck with that too!

When challenged about anything the response, predictably is “because I am big boy three “.

It’s a good job he also happens to be uber cute!

Are you living with a threenager?

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  1. Haha, I can 100% relate to this! I now have a 4 year old and it doesn’t get much better…they can just voice their diva-like demands slightly more articulately, haha. #Fridayfrolics

  2. My son will be three in September but the symptoms of a threenager are already showing (read: LOUDER tantrums, things a certain way, demands….). And I’m still not there yet with the potty training or the big boy bed:( You bet, thank God, they’re cute;)
    But LOVE this age when they are talking sooooo much saying the most adorably silly (and smart) stuff!

  3. Oh I so recognise this! My threenager had just turned 4 but he is still a diva! In fact he seems to be getting more pedantic the older he gets!! As you say, thank goodness they are cute!

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