The self-service buffet

Co-sleeping was never something I set out to do with any of my children. They always had their own beds and they were going to sleep in them.

Parenting isn’t like that though is it? Things don’t always go to plan and children don’t always sleep well. I wrote a while back about ‘Bed Hopping‘ – this looked at the sleeping patterns of children and our experiences so far.

When babies and children won’t sleep you will do almost anything to get them to and when a cuddle is all they want I don’t like to refuse that.

Like anything, it doesn’t last forever. I know there has been a lot of negative press about co-sleeping and its dangers but there have also been lots of positive things written about co-sleeping and it seems that more and more people are now talking about this in a positive way. _TDP0001

It has been said to be especially helpful to breastfeeding mums because there is less disruption to sleeping patterns. Our youngest little man is not a fan of his bed and does not sleep well or for very long in it. I am talking 15 minutes max. Yet he will co-sleep very soundly between feeds.

One of the things that has made me smile about this has been that I have realised that as he has got older, co-sleeping has become like a self-service buffet for him. I will often wake up and realise he has helped himself. He can even locate a boob without opening his eyes. Quite skilled really!

What are your co-sleeping experiences ?

Friday Frolics

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  1. Ha – I thought this was literally going to be about a self-service buffet (I love ’em) but it is so skilled and funny how they just help themselves! Especially as it means we can get more sleep = winning! I’m all for doing whatever you need to do to get through the night! #FridayFrolics

  2. I loved co-sleeping with my baby back when she was young. It was a wonderful experience. We still do every now and again hop into bed together (she is 7 now) and its nice to cuddle and go to sleep. I love the title “self service buffet” It’s very clever!



  3. We started co-sleeping with our first child when he was 3 weeks old as it was the only way any of us got any rest, and we made a conscious decision to co-sleep with the new baby from day one. It feels like the most caring, natural sleep solution and we wouldn’t have it any other way! And yes, she too can latch on with her eyes shut! Lovely post x

  4. My daughters slept in their own cribs/beds until they were 6. (They generally ended up in the same crib/bed, but it wasn’t mine.) After their father and I divorced, they found their way into my bed most nights. We have negotiated an arrangement where they need to spend at least 3 nights a week in their own room for the entirety of the night. They’re 9.

    I was too terrified of crushing my 3 lb babies when co-sleeping would have been most convenient – when I was breastfeeding two babies every 3 hours!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. Oh gosh – amazing work! Yes that would have been the easiest on you wouldn’t it but can totally understand worrying about squashing such tiny babies. I felt the same and my babies were all over 7lbs.

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