The Ultimate Hair Hero For Busy Mums

Drying my hair is something that continues to be one of the challenges of life and motherhood.I have had long hair for a LONG time now…now when I say long, i’m talking down to the backs of my thighs long, not you average  middle of the back long…yes I did say thighs!

So you can imagine that drying this mass of hair, which is also incredibly thick can also be rather a mission. If I was to dry it non-stop from getting out of the shower this would take the best part of two hours.

Clearly no mum has this amount of free time to dry her hair. Also I haven’t found a hairdryer yet that can keep going like this without overheating – any hairdryer wanting to take on the challenge can apply by emailing lol!

I used to wash my hair and blow it dry every day…yes every single day! After my first child was born I continued with this insanity. Then I had a second child and discovered dry shampoo (mummy’s best friend).

So after two children I was washing my hair every other day and using dry shampoo as needed in between.

After three children It reduced to about three times per week.

After four children it’s once a week, lots of dry shampoo and possibly a bonus extra wash and blow dry if I’m lucky!

I have willed someone to invent a speed hairdryer that will have my hair bone dry in a flash but sadly there seems no such thing…

Color WOW may have come up with the next best thing though…a spray which dramatically reduces the time taken to dry your hair!

Now I have to say that when I read about this my reaction was … yeah right…whatever next…however, I have really put this spray through its paces to see if it can tackle extreme length hair and all I can say is IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After washing and towel drying my hair I covered my hair with the spray and combed it through, applying a bit of extra spray for luck! I then started drying my hair as normal.

After 35 minutes, bar a little strand underneath my hair was completely dry!

Now I know without the spray most normal hair would be well dry after 35 minutes BUT you have to bear in mind that this spray took my drying time down from 2 hours to 35 minutes.

As if that wasn’t enough, the spray leaves hair super shiny and manageable.

I haven’t been this excited about a haircare product since my dry shampoo discovery!


  1. Does it take you 2 hours to blow dry your hair with a hair dryer? I was confused that it took 2 hours without the product but yet took 35 minutes to dry with the product in your hair.

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