Little designers


Do you remember Spirograph? Did you ever have one as a child? I remember a friend buying me one for a birthday gift one year and I loved it. The good news is these kits are still around and they are better than ever. These are a classic way to create amazing designs BUT these […]

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Keeping toys clean

keeping toys clean

Trying to keep children’s toys clean can be really hard work. The toys I find the hardest to clean tend to be bath toys as they get grubby really quickly and the squirty toys are especially hard to keep clean, as they can quickly get full of black, gungy grime. Making sure that you squirt […]

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Back to basics


When it comes to toys, BRIO was a name I knew long before I had children. I don’t recall how exactly, but somewhere I had seen these toys and immediately associated them with quality and durability. The kind of toys you pass on and on. I did however associate BRIO with train sets until relatively recently, but […]

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Star gazing

Have you got any wannabee space explorers in your house. Do you love a bit of star gazing? Would your children be interested in space viewing? I love those clear crisp starry nights when you can try and spot some of the constellations. The best place for star gazing has always been my parents back garden […]

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