Things you need as a new parent

Becoming a parent is such an overwhelming experience. It is amazing and exhausting all at once. There is such an overwhelming amount of information out there when you are pregnant. It can be hard to know what is important and what isn’t necessary. Some things are not necessary, but other things certainly are. 

Nappies, Nappies, and Nappies

It goes without saying, but it is a good idea to have a large supply in. You don’t want to have to go to the shops every few days for more nappies. Lots of wipes are a must too. If you are choosing cloth nappies, then just make sure that you have all that you need in. Something like a bucket to have disinfectant in is great to throw the nappies in if you don’t have time to wash them right away. Be prepared to be doing quite a lot of laundry if you choose cloth nappies. But let’s face it, you will be doing that with a newborn anyway.

I’ve used disposables with my children in the main, and I always tried to have a stash of nappies and wipes in the cupboard. Stocking up during baby events at supermarkets can be a great way to save money.

Moses Basket and Cot


In the early days, a Moses basket is essential. It keeps the new baby warm and cosy and helps them to sleep. There are a lot of different styles available too. Some people prefer to get a Moses basket or crib that has an open side. Then it attaches to your bed. You get the closeness of co-sleeping, without the actual co-sleeping part. So that is something to consider. After a few months, it will be time to move the baby into a cot, perhaps in their own room. So you want to have a super cute cot, and bedding picked out. There are so many gorgeous styles available these days. You could look for a unique cot and cot beds from cuckooland. Browsing online is a great way to see the styles you like  – you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to know more about co-sleeping, check out the Family Co-Sleeping Guide for more information.

Changing Bag


A changing bag is so important with a new baby. It will pretty much become your best friend. The good thing is that there are so many gorgeous styles out there these days. It doesn’t have to be boring or cumbersome. You do need to make sure that it has lots of extra little pockets, though. You need to have room for things like the nappies and wipes, as well as burp cloths or muslin cloths, and a change of clothes. If you are bottle feeding, then space for formula and bottles is a must if you ever want to leave the house. If you are breastfeeding, then a nursing cover will be pretty important to have in your bag. Don’t forget the breast pads and the nappy bags either and pop in a bottle of water or juice for yourself to stay hydrated, especially when breastfeeding.

There is lots to consider when you become a new parent – I promise you though, you can manage without one of those awful nappy bins. They just end up smelly after a week, even when empty and the cartridges cost a fortune too!


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