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Those extraordinary ‘ordinary’ moments

Today has been one of those days when I am bubbling inside. Bubbling inside with overwhelming pride.

The kind of pride when you can’t contain the corners of your mouth from pulling upwards into a big fat grin that stretches from one ear to the other.

Today was parents evening for the big kids.

Now, I have to say that parents evening normally has this effect on me and there are numerous things that my children do that make me continually proud, but today seems more intense for some reason.

The feedback regarding their achievements and work ethic was excellent and of course  that makes me immensely proud, but it was the comments regarding their characters and the people they are becoming that made me feel like I was going to burst. As parents, we are all proud of our children. Proud of their first word, first step, first poo on the potty, first stick person drawing, and so on.

Children change so fast that there is often a continuous feeling of pride. As parents though, we are often very biased about our own children, and that is of course our prerogative and part of the job description…but how wonderful is it when a third party affirms all the things you think?

To be told that your children are: hard-working; assertive; conscientious; attentive to those who are sad or struggling; great friends; great leaders; determined; helpful; kind; caring; loyal; trustworthy; a pleasure to teach and a great example to others is utterly heart melting.

This was followed by a report from nursery that one of my other little people had excelled in his cake baking session today. Despite being the youngest he was the only one who could get to grips with making cakes and everything that was involved because we do lots of baking at home together. These are the extraordinary ‘ordinary’ moments that make being a parent incredible. 

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