My toddler is a back seat driver

I have been quietly amused by how vocal our toddler is when I’m driving for sometime now.

The last couple of weeks however have seen him take it up a gear…or three.


His favourite thing to do is to shout very loudly at me at a roundabout “Go Go Mummy”and this continues until I pull out .

The next favourite activity is to give me a clap and a cheer when I manage to squeeze past another vehicle down the tiny lane on our school run…this has normally been preceded by an “Oh No!” when he spots my predicament.

The third thing he has taken to doing is yelling “WRONG WAY” as I pull out of the school gates, but if I ever go the other way that is wrong too.

All in all, it is really no different from the comments his Daddy makes when I’m driving.

Like father, like son!

Does anyone in your family pass comment on your driving?

Friday Frolics


  1. My toddler isn’t that bad yet.. he likes to say “green light, red light, turn, bump!” I’m sure it won’t be long though..

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