Top tips for boosting the immune system in babies and children

A healthy immune system is the key to preventing infectious diseases. We are all exposed to millions of germs every day, and vaccines only cover a tiny fraction of these germs. We have to rely on our own immune system to fight off most potential infections. Children and adults with healthy immune systems are also less likely to suffer a serious vaccine reaction. Most vaccine side effects involve the immune system reacting poorly to the vaccine, so insuring a healthy immune system is one way parents can decrease their child’s risk of a vaccine reaction. 

Immune boosting tips you can try:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Minimize sugar and junk food
  • Minimize other chemical exposures – so perhaps buying organic where possible
  • Use omega-3 oil supplements – it is common for children to be deficient in the healthy omega-3 fats, since the main dietary source is fish and eggs, foods that lots of children don’t eat enough of.
  • Probiotics – These are the healthy bacteria that live in our intestines. They play a critical role in regulating both our intestinal immune system and our internal immune system. Antibiotic use, which is a typical part of every infant and child’s early life, destroys all these healthy bacteria, leaving a child more susceptible to a host of illnesses and intestinal problems. Taking probiotics on a continuous basis, but especially for a week before and several weeks after vaccinations, can support the immune system, and may help protect from the side effects of vaccines. 
  • Fruits and vegetables – Everyone knows these are good for you, but unfortunately very few children get enough, supplements can help.
  • Vitamin A – This specific vitamin helps with neurologic health. It also helps regulate the immune system’s response to infections. You should be aware that overdosing Vitamin A can be toxic, so do not exceed the suggested amounts. 
  • Vitamin C – This anti-oxidant vitamin can help boost the immune system and may decrease vaccine side effects. 

Supplements can be a great way of boosting your baby and child’s immune system and their overall health.

As much as it would be lovely not to have to resort to these, I am a big fan of using supplements to ensure the children’s health is boosted, especially during the winter months.

Nature’s Aid  have a fantastic range of supplements for children which I have been using for a while now. These drops are really easy to use and very easy to get down the children. You can add to food, water, juice or milk or just directly into the mouth if you have super-cooperative children. I tend to add them to a drink.

The DHA drops are great for supporting normal brain function and vision and the Vitamin C drops are really good for supporting the immune system. 

DHA (Omega-3) Drops for infants & childrenVitamin C 100mg Drops for infants & children

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  1. I don't actually give R vitamins but after 3 colds since Christmas I've been seriously thinking about it! Probiotics sounds like a goer too. Thanks for the tips! xx #Thelist

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