Top tips for decorating a child’s bedroom

Your children’s bedrooms should always be a wonderful place for them to escape and explore. Not only that, but they should be somewhere that reflects your child’s personality. The trouble is, their personality tends to shift so much in these developmental phases that it’s hard to keep track. That’s why choosing how to decorate their rooms can be so difficult. You don’t want to over commit to something that may be a flash in the pan.

We’ve all been there. You wind up spending hundreds of pounds on toys and games, and they soon grow tired of them. Decorating your child’s room doesn’t need to be stressful. In fact, it should be fun, and allow you to embrace your inner child. Here are a few tips for planning, saving money, and creating the perfect bedroom space for your little troopers.


The Planning Stage

As with any interior design job, you should plan your attack meticulously before you attempt to tackle it. In the months leading up to the big change, start a scrapbook or Pinterest board with your ideas. That way, you’ve always got a reference point that will allow you to stay on track. It’s important that you don’t commit to an idea that, as mentioned above, could lose your child’s interest. Even if they’re in love with Peppa Pig now, for example, they’ll soon move onto Paw Patrol before long.


Remember: When buying wallpaper, make sure you measure up exactly the size that you need so that there’s no waste come the end of it. That way, you’ll save money and won’t have to throw any leftovers in the bin.


Your child’s safety should be of paramount importance to you. You may not even be aware of a number of health hazards they may stumble upon. Don’t fall into that trap for even a second. Even the most innocuous of things can become a danger to children. Their bed location is very important. Avoid placing it directly under a window, radiator, or shelves. This will reduce the risk of them being able to reach up and injure themselves, especially if you have a climber in the family!

On the walls, make sure you avoid hanging picture frames and mirrors at all costs. They may look pretty, but they could fall off and seriously hurt your child. If you have your heart set on hanging frames, make sure they’re very light and won’t do any damage should they fall. Make sure that all furniture is correctly installed. The last thing you need is that bed falling apart while your child is sleeping on it! Remember to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and double check that all nuts and bolts are secure before putting it to use.

Bolt wardrobes to the wall to avoid them falling on anyone.

Childproof Everything: Don’t underestimate the trouble that your little one can find themselves in. Make sure that all doors, windows and drawers have childproof hinges attached. Put socket protectors in all of your electrical plug sockets.


When it comes down to actually putting all of your plans into practice, it can get a little difficult. You can’t approach it in the same way that you’d approach your living room. Children are notoriously hard to please, and you’ll have to take their opinions into account. They aren’t always the most level-headed bunch, though. Be prepared for some tears if you have to try and talk them out of an idea they have their heart set on.

You can find lots of great furnishings cheaper online than in the stores from sites like They can be great for filling the spaces with fun and colourful features if you’re struggling for inspiration. It’s important to remember that this isn’t just an area in which your child will be sleeping. It’s also their sanctuary and, if you don’t have a play room, their toy room. The overriding mood should be one of safety and comfort.

You’ll need to clearly define an area in which your child can play. Some families choose to incorporate toy boxes, vanity units, or play houses on one side of the room. That way, your child will naturally gravitate over there when it comes time to play. That means you’ll have less space to worry about tidying!


Standing the Test of Time

When you’re planning to decorate, your eyes should always be sharply focused on longevity. As I mentioned earlier, your child’s tastes will change faster than you can keep up with it. That’s why it’s important that the bulk of your furniture can be easily transformed with each passing trend. You may think that that Frozen bed is perfect, but how long will it be before their obsession moves on to something else? Buying a bog standard bed that can be redecorated depending on purpose is a much cheaper option.

Saving space is probably going to be weighing heavily on your mind. Your child has probably amassed more personal belongings than you have at this stage! Look for multipurpose furniture that can double as something else. For example, you can get a changing table that can later evolve into a stack of shelves once they’re out of nappies!

Cabin beds are also a fantastic way to make use of a small space. Your child may not be old enough for a bunk bed yet, and cabin beds are a great compromise. With plenty of space to utilize underneath, you won’t have any concerns about their safety.

Remember: You’ll need lots of practical space savers. Your child is going to have lots of kids toys, and they may not be ready or willing to part with some of them just yet. Your storage solutions are arguably the most important part of your child’s bedroom. Think about all kinds of different ways you can incorporate them. From storage under the bed, to shelving units, to toy boxes. You can never have enough ways of stashing their stuff to one side!

Good luck with your decorating and I hope that you’re able to find a design that suits both you and your child perfectly!

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