Top tips for looking after Mummy and Baby

Mums and babes need a bit of extra TLC sometimes. Just think about all the hard work mums bodies do carrying babies and then giving birth to them. Add to this breastfeeding, and being on hand 24/7 for your new babe, and combine this with a whole host of physical and emotional changes and there is an awful lot going on in the early days.

I always love to hear about things that can help ease these changes, but what I love most are those products you come across that can tick several boxes for multiple family members. For me, these are true heroes.

I’ve recently come across a range of products by a brand called carun which can offer mums and babies a great deal.

The range is a real saviour , helping your body both inside and out.They have a number of products available but the ones I have highlighted below are the ones that can offer mums and babies the most.

All-purpose Hemp Ointment

This really is an all-purpose ointment and a proper handbag hero. It makes all sorts of claims but I have found it useful as: a lip balm; keeping stray eyebrows in place; treatment for cracked heels; stretch mark fader; nappy rash healer; intense face moisturiser; make up remover and treatment for eczema.

Hemp seed

This hemp seed taste gorgeous. It is great on cereal, in flapjack, stir frys, yoghurt and I even added it to a cottage pie. It is high in protein and essential fatty acids and also promotes healthy lactation, thereby helping mum and baby. This is my new favourite ingredient in the kitchen!

Body And Skin Hemp Oil

The body and skin all is a real winner. Great for dry scalps which can happen after you have had a baby or even during pregnancy. Superb as a face moisturiser as well as a general body oil. This is also a great bath oil, leaving skin silky smooth and a really lovely oil to massage your baby with too.
Hemp Skin Cream

Finally, the cream works wonders on dry hands and rough cuticles and acts as a great base for make up. This is said to work wonders on scars so I am going to try that on a couple of family members and see how effective it is.

I am really pleased I found out about this range as these are the kinds of all round products you want with a family because they are multi-functional and highly effective with nothing harsh inside!

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