Travelling with children: part seven

With the school holidays nearly upon us you might have begun thinking about how you are going to keep the children busy whilst you are travelling.

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might recall that I wrote about the busy bags I prepare for each of the children when we travel anywhere.

This summer one of the items in the big kids busy bag will be a fantastic active book called “Hotel Kids Only: Amsterdam” even if you aren’t travelling to the city itself this will keep the children busy. I am assuming that there will be a whole series of these books for all the major cities at some point, that would be really great. A bit like a lonely planet but for the children.

IMG_20150708_080907_resized  IMG_20150708_081213_resized  IMG_20150708_080957_resized

It is jam packed full of interesting activities that children can do on their travels. Whether you are stuck in an airport, on a plane, boat, car, train or looking for a few things to occupy them in a hotel somewhere you will find heaps of things they can do.

How do you keep your children occupied when travelling?.

Check out this charming video below for how to use the book!

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