Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…

Have you come across Weebles? These toys wobble but they don’t fall down, which can be very entertaining for the toddlers they are aimed at (18 months +).

Watch their little faces as the Weebles pop back up when they try and knock them over!

There are lots of individual characters to choose from as well as the tractor and the mill and barn below.

05476 Weebledown Farm Playset LSS2

You can…

  • Push the milk churn and watch the mill sails spin!
  • Watch Rusty the Rooster slide down!
  • Spin Rusty on the mill wheel roundabout!
  • Includes 1 Rusty the Rooster Weeble only.
  • Balance Rusty on the wobbily weather vane!

There is lots of fun to be had down on Weebledown Farm!

These Weebles are quite different from any other toys the children have so they really did take an interest in these. Inquisitive toddlers find them very entertaining and quite funny. There were lots of giggles from our playroom about these Weebles, especially when the weeble was on the weather vane!

The toys are well made and packaged and bright and engaging.

We noticed you can also purchase Peppa Pig Weebles as well which look fun so we will be interested to see if the Weebles range expands any further.

Also their stockists also sell a whole range of different character toys so they are well worth checking out for gift ideas.

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