What does happy sound like?

We all know that as parents there are lots of tough times and things we find difficult. There might even be days you just wouldn’t want to repeat. We also know though, that nothing that is worth it comes easy and I really do feel that applies to parenting. No one said it was going to be an easy ride, but it is more than worth it.

The rewards our children give us are endless, but one of the earliest things I remember feeling elated about with all four children was hearing them laugh for the first time. A babies’ giggle is so infectious and sometimes once they start they just can’t stop. As little babies, I would tickle them to make them giggle and they would end up with hiccups.

sound of happy

Everyone loves a happy baby, but where does that happiness come from? What makes a happy baby?

Firstly, when it comes to rhythm, babies really get into the groove. I know this from watching my four over the years, the second a song comes on they begin to dance and all have great rhythm.

Babies love patterns and repetition. You’ll know this from the number of times you get asked for the same story or nursery rhyme no doubt. Mine all loved Row the Boat and would chant “More Row Row” until I obliged! Babies have a shorter memory span than adults, so a tune can be very repetitive without getting boring. At the same time, the element of surprise is something they also respond to and can make them quite excited.

sound of happy

Does music make your babies happy? Do you know what sort of sounds they prefer? Do they have a favourite song perhaps?

What else makes babies happy? Kisses, cuddles and blowing raspberries has always been a winner for my children. Also bath time always made all four really happy. A time of day they all looked forward to, especially if lots of bubbles were involved.

Having their nappies off also made them really happy, that sense of freedom and being able to kick around without the restrictions of a nappy or clothing.

There is nothing quite like the happy sound of a baby. From the cute cooing and gurgling, to the little chuckle, to the full on belly laugh when something really makes them laugh.

What is you favourite happy baby sound? What makes your little ones happy?

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