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What not to say to a pregnant woman

What is it about being pregnant that attracts negative comments from not only friends and family, but acquaintances and total strangers to boot?

In three out of my four pregnancies I endured this. I say “endured” because that’s what it felt like. I was told numerous times I was too sensitive and took things too personally but I’m afraid that the things that were said in my view were personal and I wouldn’t dream of saying them to anyone pregnant or not.

In my view you should never say any of the following to a pregnant person:

  • Are you sure you aren’t having twins/triplets/quads?
  • You are huge!
  • Do you feel as massive as you look?
  • Watch out large vehicle coming through!
  • You don’t look like you will last another 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 weeks!
  • Wow! That’s a massive baby!
  • You look enormous!
  • You look ready to pop?
  • How does (insert partners name) feel about sleeping with a whale ?


Quite frankly if you can’t say anything nice don’t bother. Engage your brain and think how you would feel if someone fired one of those comments at you.

Things you could say instead include:

  • How are you doing / feeling?
  • Are you getting much sleep?
  • You look great/well/amazing
  • Are you excited/anxious?
  • What are you enjoying about pregnancy?
  • Or… Nothing related to the pregnancy at all!

Generally speaking, at some point in pregnancy a woman will feel fat and not great about at least some part of her changing body – she doesn’t need everyone else adding to that.

Boost her up instead of pulling her down and let her enjoy the amazing parts of her pregnancy.


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