What’s in your Christmas Eve box this year?

Do any of you Santa’s helpers or elves get involved in creating and delivering a Christmas Eve box to your little ones?

If so, what sorts of things do you put inside?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • A Christmas movie
  • Candy canes and marshmallows to add to a hot chocolate on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas PJ’s for the children
  • A decoration to add to the Christmas tree
  • Some Christmas colouring
  • A family game
  • A Christmas story to read together before bed
  • A note from one of the elves or the big man himself

Last year our elf included a Christmas jigsaw that the whole family got involved in. This year the elf has been struggling to decide whether to go for another jigsaw or one of the new games out at the moment.


One of the options is ‘Bugs in the Kitchen‘ – you can pick this up in Argos, Amazon, Tesco, The Entertainer and Toys R Us, so shop around to see where the best price is. I think Amazon is the best price currently, especially if you have a Prime membership, but obviously prices are constantly changing.

There is a bit of a ‘bug’ obsession going on in our house at the moment as we keep discovering huge spiders, so this game is perfect! There’s a pesky little bug in the kitchen! And it’s not just any bug – it’s a HEXBUG nano, scuttling around the game board! Can you catch it in the trap? You will have to be really quick. By turning knives, forks and spoons you can direct the bug into the trap. Throw the die to discover which utensils you can turn. Catch the bug in the trap and earn a token – the first player to collect 5 tokens wins the game.

This is a fun-to-play family game suitable for 2-4 players, aged 6 years upwards, but with supervision and perhaps the help of an older child, I think younger children can join in. If your children are fans of the HEXBUG nano, then they will love this fun-filled, frantic game.

This takes around 20 minutes to play – a perfect little addition to a fun-filled family Christmas Eve!


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