What’s in your first aid kit?

What do you have in your family’s first aid kit? Do you have a separate one for the children? What are your family must have products, those things you just couldn’t do without?

Are there many products in your first aid kit you can use on all the family?

20150927_164654_resizedI tend to have a ‘grown up’ first aid and then the big box of stuff I keep for the children which has all sorts in it. We then have a standard first aid kit in the car and I try not to leave for a trip away without at least Calpol, Snufflebabe and Piriton. In all the years I have carried Piriton, I have only had to use it once, then the other week when I didn’t have it, we needed it – typical!

My key items are:

  • Calpol baby
  • Calpol 6 +
  • Nurofen
  • A good digital themometer
  • Piriton
  • A nasal saline spray like Sterimar
  • Snufflebabe
  • Nurses scissors for bandage cutting
  • Savlon Dry Spray
  • First Aid Spray – like NatraSan
  • Plasters
  • Wasp Ease
  • Vira Soothe

Something I have added recently is Vidisan. Eye drops are not something that I thought of keeping in my first aid kit before but there have been a few occassions when one family member has had irriateaded eyes or got something in their eyes. Vidisan™ eye drops are proven to calm and soothe irritated eyes from daily causes of irritations, alleviate allergic conjunctivitis and conjunctivitis due to external irritants, such as wind, pollen, and other causes of eye irritation. These are just £4.50 from independent pharmacies, so well worth popping in your luggage for a trip away or having in just in case.

What’s in your first aid kit?

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