What’s in your junk mail?

Junk mail, is something we all get. Some more than others, depending on your set up, but it is hard to escape. Most of the time the junk doesn’t bother me, it goes in there without me realising and doesn’t interfere with the inbox and what I am doing day-to-day.


What is actually more annoying is when something goes into junk that simply isn’t junk – not even bordering on junk – absolutely, categorically NOT junk…like a confirmation of a nursery admission application for example!

What is the funniest or most strange item of junk mail you have ever had?  I once had one telling me to apply to train Pandas in China!

How often do you check your junk? I have started doing this more often since I have found a few important things in there. Here are a few of the rather unimportant ones I have discovered this morning!

  • Tailor made cruise deals
  • Insure your life
  • Could your child be the UK’s next top model?
  • Was your flight delayed? Claim compensation
  • Speed up your Broadband (I’d love to just have Broadband at all!)
  • Upgrade your boiler
  • Extend your penis (My personal favourite)
  • The United Nations – asking me to invest in Nigeria
  • Nationwide Injury Lawyers
  • Gala Bingo
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Insure your Pet from 20 pence per day (I wonder if this includes the giant spider that lives under the television cabinet?)
  • Bingo with Paris Hilton

What’s in your junk mail?

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  1. I have to check my junk frequently as things I want often end up in there. Had a quick look and sad to say so far in 2016 my (invisible) penis doesn’t need any help but plenty of banks I don’t have accounts with are concerned about my activity…!

  2. I regularly check my junk mail for the same reason – some of the ones that end up in there just shouldn’t! I regularly get ones telling me my bank account has suspicious transactions (from someone I’ve never banked with, with their name spelt incorrectly), the penis extension and of course the Nigerian prince one! #TheList

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