When did breastfeeding your baby become indecent exposure?

When exactly did breastfeeding your baby become “indecent exposure”?

So today I was sat in a car park with my two youngest and a woman in her 50s bangs on the window to ask me to stop “doing THAT”. When I asked if she meant breastfeeding and pointed out she couldn’t actually see anything anyway she replied “yeah but we all know what you are doing which is just as bad and basically indecent exposure…I’m going to report you!”

I’m not actually sure who she thought she was going to report me to!

She asked me if I was “some new age hippy or part of a weird cult” – what a very strange thing to say. I’m not sure why she was going around peering in car windows anyway so I asked her how long she had been part of the ‘breastfeeding police’ and suggested she re-direct her attention to some of the real crimes of society.

She went on to ask me what was wrong with the powdered ‘stuff’ from the supermarket!

I told her I had neither the time or energy to have that debate with her and put the car window up.

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  1. Wow, well done you for keeping your cool! I'd have given her a few home truths and probably finished with a moony then got arrested for proper indecent exposure! I've just fed my baby at the back of the church during a school carol concert, no breastfeeding police out today luckily.

  2. Horrendous!! WOW, what a vile person and she had the audacity to say you were part of a weird cult when she's the one looking through people's car windows! Odd to say the least. Don't let imbeciles like that stop you doing the most natural thing in the world! #BrilliantBlogPosts xxx

  3. Wow! That is so disrespectful. I can tell you one thing though. If she hates that you were breastfeeding in the privacy of your own car, she would hate to live in my neck of the woods. Moms those suckers out all the time and no one ever says anything! I personally don’t understand why everyone is in such an uproar over it. I nursed both of my children but not in public. That was my choice though. The thought to even judge another mother for her choice to breastfeed anywhere, never even dawned on me, not even before I had kids! That lady sounds wacked! I love your come back though. Good for you!

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