When the lights go out

You really don’t realise how much you need electricity until you don’t have it. The power was out for around four hours this morning and we had no idea why – seems now that it was an overhead fault, thanks Scottish Power for getting back to me so quickly.With four children it seems that everything I needed to do this morning required power … power we did not have.It was a dark morning anyway and I was not prepared with torches OR candles to hand.No breakfast TV, no electric shower, no phone charger, no microwave, no toaster, no kettle, no lights…the list seemed to go on…. no washing machine, no tumble dryer, no laptop as the battery was dead…fridge off,freezers off ARHHHHHHH! No hairdryer….I found matches and lit the gas hob to warm milk and water for breakfast and used a shallow bath of warm (ish) water from the tank to wash in.The power is back on now but it certainly makes you realise how much we use … perhaps we should try and cut back? What do you do when the lights go out?

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