When your best just isn’t good enough

Ever get the feeling that no matter what you do it will just never be good enough?

What happens when you try everything you can think of, every approach, every angle and still nothing works?

Should you give up? Should you walk away from whatever it is? Or should you battle on, trying to constantly come up with new ideas and angles to try?

I read once that failure isn’t the end. It is just part of the journey to success, quiting is the end. I’ve always been inclined never to give up, to see that everything can be ‘fixed’ . I knew that in life there would be challenges, I just never thought there would be so many of them, for so long and they would be so bad.

There are so many times I think my best isn’t good enough but I still want to at least be able to say that I tried everything.

What is your approach to life’s challenges? Do you keep trying things or give up when something doesn’t work?


  1. I feel like this a lot if I’m honest. I’m a believer in the saying, “You never fail until you stop trying.” But, I have to tell myself this every day because it is hard to believe sometimes… we are our toughest critics after all. Massive hugs xx

  2. Sometimes I feel like a failure. I get really depressed about certain situations in my life that continue to spiral out of control. I try and keep myself busy in order to drown out any negative thoughts, but the problems always remain. Reading your post has given me hope. Before, I would give up on certain things but now I would at least give it a try.

  3. Only time you don’t give up is with your kids.

    Anything else especially relationships, give up.

    You can’t change the big package guy into wanting just you, give up.

    The regular guy, isn’t gonna ever make you happy, give up.

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