While you were sleeping

While you were sleeping little one I took the opportunity to catch up on some of the things I had not had a chance to do whilst I was playing with you and your siblings, feeding you all or dashing around from one big kid activity to the next.

While you were sleeping little one:

  • I cooked grown up dinner
  • I ironed
  • I vacuumed
  • I picked up your discarded food from the floor
  • I tidied your siblings crafts away
  • I put washing in the machine
  • I emptied the dishwasher and refilled it
  • I caught up on some work

Silly mummy.

For at least some of that time I should have just watched you sleeping.

Silly mummy.

I should know better.


I should know that your siblings have grown and changed so fast that you will not be tiny forever.

Silly mummy.

  • Your fingers and toes will soon be bigger.
  • Soon you will be walking on your own.
  • Soon you will be joining in the games your brothers and sister play.
  • Soon there will be no more babies for mummy. You are my last baby.

So tomorrow while you are sleeping I will be watching you.

I will be looking at your tiny fingers and toes. Watching your chest rise and fall and memorising all of your features.

You have all grown too fast and every time I blink I miss something.

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