Why children love our everyday items

So picture the scene …you are pregnant with your first child and doing loads of internet research on what you need, what they might need and what are the best things to buy.

You purchase soft toys made from organic cotton and after your extensive research of all other toys you purchase all the toys that are toxin-free, fair trade, and age-appropriate.

By the time you get to baby number four, as much as you are willing them to play with all the above, the reality can be quite different.

These toys, as beautiful as they are often lie untouched as your little one sinks their new teeth into your remote control, ruining settings in the process. The only thing that can distract them from that task seems to be the lure of the cable from your laptop or the kitchen draws full of really noisy and shiny items.

Then as you dash out for the school run you need to coax your little one into the car with, yes you’ve guessed it, your own cars keys which you need to drive with.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many toys we have our toddler still loves the following items the most:

  • car keys
  • remote controls
  • cables
  • metal serving spoons and the whisk
  • the bin
  • the loo brush
  • the big kids tablets

So why do children love these items so much?

Well some of them are nice and shiny, some are noisy, but most of all these are things our children see us with.They see us and they want to copy and that is all a part of learning. As much as I understand that it doesn’t stop me cracking out the antibacterial, hand wash, spray and wipes when I realise the little man is busy cleaning the toilet. Arrhhhh!

Is there any harm if he’s happy being entertained and learning about the world? All toys come with a warning, ‘Not for use under a certain age,’ but everyday items do not.

Unfortunately, there are potential hazards lurking in some of the household items that toddlers love to play with:

Metal Keys
Why Kids Love Them: They’re shiny and toy-size, make a great jangling sound, and are fun to hide and seek in small places like pockets and bags.

Potential Problem: Keys are made of brass or nickel-plated brass, some with added lead. They also tend to be stuck into dirty and greasy areas. Not the ideal things for your child to have in his mouth. Plus, sharp edges aren’t ideal around little eyes.

Remote Controls
Why Kids Love Them: All those colorful, soft buttons that show flashing lights when pressed make remote controls satisfying toys, especially when they can turn other things on and off!

Potential Problem: Unfortunately, remotes are made up of many small parts, and some still use coin-size lithium ion batteries, which could be fatal if ingested.

The Recycling Bin
Why Kids Love It: The recycling bin certainly looks like a toy box that’s constantly full of new bottles, foil, and cartons that make funky sounds and introduce new tastes.

Potential Problem: Even if you’ve taken away anything that has sharp edges and can cause choking or break easily, there’s still an unseen danger. Also things are normally in the big fora good reason and they are then exposed to more germs and bacteria.

Why Kids Love It: Spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls, pots, and pans are classic toys that also make amusing instruments. These get turfed out of our cupboards constantly!

Potential Problem: Some of these things are OK but the issue is whether your child will know the difference between a pan on the floor and a pan with a flame underneath!

Now we have tried a range of toys that are supposed to resemble adult items but most of them tend to be quickly disguarded in favour of the real thing.

Until now that is…

KD planet have launched a range of toys called Tech-Too ,aimed at addressing this exact issue! Have a look at these Kooky Keys below….

These keys are way more realistic that anything I have seen on the market and the little fella thinks so too…double winner!

That doesn’t stop him liking my keys BUT it does mean he thinks he has his own,especially if I hang his up on the rack next to mine.

The Tech-Too range has tablets, smartphones, remote controls etc – so whatever your little one is passionate about you might find them an equivalent here.

If your little one likes to imitate you and you want your smartphone back it would be worth having a look at these. All the fun but none of the nasties!
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  1. My two have always preferred real things as opposed to toys too! This is a great idea if you can convince your child that they are 'real' they are certainly the most realistic I have seen!

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