Why home is better than hospital

How it used to be

Years ago women stayed in hospital for a week to recuperate after having a baby. Babies were taken away so mums could sleep and when you returned home you stayed in bed and were looked after.


baby in snow suit

Times have changed

Changes in the approach and remit of medical staff, combined with pressure on beds and other resources and a general increase in the tempo of life, combined with higher expectations on mothers has meant that if all is well you can be out of hospital a few hours after giving birth, in the supermarket or on the school run the same day!

Good and bad

There is some good and some bad in all of this – the fact that babies are not taken away to be fed at night routinely has to be a good thing in terms of improving the bond between mum and baby and preparing you for life at home. However, I do think that people are sometimes rushed out of hospital before they have feeding established, or perhaps too soon after a traumatic birth.

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Despite this, I have been really keen to come home ASAP with all of my children.  Someone said to me after my last baby that I should have stayed in hospital to ‘rest’ …. hahaha! This is why that’s not possible:

In the first four hours after I had my last baby the following happened:

Number of times someone asked me if I wanted a cup of tea = 6 (I don’t drink tea)
Number of times someone came in to empty the bin = 3
Number of nappy changes = 4
Number of feeds = 2
Number of times I was asked if I needed pain relief = 2
Number of times someone walked in and then realised it was the wrong room = 6
Number of fire alarms =1
Numbers of phone calls = 4
Number of texts = 33
Number of Facebook message alerts = 72
Number of physical checks for me and my baby = 2
Number of times blood was taken = 2
Number of other crying babies = 8
Number of rows the couple in the room next door had = 6
Number of noisy visitors to the room next door = 4
Number of newborn photographers = 1
Minutes of sleep = 0


That’s why for me home is better than hospital! Looking after four children and doing normal day to day stuff in my own home is WAY more relaxing than the alternative!


  1. I stayed in hospital a few days to be honest, as that was best for me this time round. I'd struggled with the pregnancy and I valued having meals made for me, cups of tea offered and pain relief when I needed it. Most importantly support with breastfeeding when I needed it. I would have stayed in longer but my husband had a wedding to go to. I don't agree that babies should ever be separated from their mother's and thank goodness this practise has largely changed but I don't think people should be expected to leave hospital after a few hours either

  2. That's such a lovely post! I am glad I found my way to your blog tonight. I had my youngest baby at home, and I have to say it was very relaxed afterwards (although it was not planned at all!). In France, they still keep mums & babies in hospital for a few days and look after the baby so that you can sleep. I don't think I would have liked that!

  3. Oh how lovely. I would have liked that but they were all very over due and reluctant to come out so it wasn't safe. I was very glad to get home. Thanks for reading!

  4. I had my kids in hospital and you get so many interruptions and feel exhausted but I can imagine being more relaxed at home with helpers nearby. Love the pic of you all 🙂

  5. Great points. My wife didn’t stay in the hospital very long with any of our 4 kids. As soon as we knew everyone was healthy and doing well we were eager to get home. My wife agreed with you about it not being a very great place to get any rest (not that she was getting so much rest at home either with a newborn) but at least she got to be in her own bed without strangers walking into the room. Thanks for linking up to #BigTopBlogParty

  6. Three of my babies were born at home. Of the others, I stayed in the hospital for two days with baby rooming in, four hours, and one week (that one had health problems at birth).

    I prefer staying home for birth, so that I can just crawl right into bed with my baby and rest. When it’s not possible, though, the most relaxing one was the week-long stay. He was in the special care nursery and I got to *sleep*. The worst – sitting in a car and driving home when your bottom is still tender four hours after the birth. I thought that was just awful.

  7. Haha oh dear! I totally agree. I stayed in hospital for 5 nights after the birth of my daughter and it was 4 nights too many. There’s so much going on, such a clinical environment. All I wanted was my bed, my sofa, some home cooked food and to bond privately as a family. K x #weekendbloghop

  8. Our first was in hospital. It was horrible in so many ways. The labour and birth lasted 20 mins. I know how lucky. Bit for the time there for that time plus certain other factors it made sense that with our second we had him at home. It was far more relaxed and something we felt we could have done first time round. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  9. argh…I do NOT like hospitals, so yes I completely agree being at home is much more relaxing plus much easier to bond with baby. Who feels like nestling skin-to-skin on a creaky hospital bed with a thin mattress?!

  10. Yeah, both times I was desperate to get home, despite having my own room the second time around, which was very comfortable and peaceful and made an enormous difference to my recovery and overall mood, compared to the bed I had on a ward the first time round. No sleep, babies crying, etc. etc. It’s only natural to want to get home to your own space. It was amazing hearing the other women going through birth though — I could just about hear their screams, following by the wonderful sound of a brand new baby crying. There was something magical about that. #effitfriday

  11. I had a lovely time with my second in hospital. In a PRIVATE room. In Dubai. I slept. He slept. I ate.

    First time round I couldn’t wait to get out! The couple next to me had a massive argument and then the woman got on the phone to her mum to complain (loudly) at 3am. Just after i got the baby to sleep. And it wasn’t even in English so I could nose…..!!

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday

  12. Couldn’t agree with you more and if I had a third (when I have a third) I want a home birth and then I just will be left alone well at least by strangers. lol 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  13. I was just part of a hospital birth of my sister and I must say that the hospital did an amazing job of providing an environment that felt like home. There was a lot of room, everything was very personable and my friend could even bring decoration from home. Not sure what I’ll do when giving birth, but a hospital birth might be in the running again after this experience.

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