Why mums make great marathon runners

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I like to run marathons. Not very often these days (average once a year) and not very fast, but I love it. I love the challenge, I love the time to think, and I love the feeling of achievement at the end, and seeing four little faces who are proud of their mummy. That feeling is priceless.

For me, running a marathon is about finishing and adding another completed 26.2 miles to my tally. It’s not about how fast I run it, and considering I don’t get any real training time, finishing is an achievement in itself.

I ran my 18th marathon at the end of May. The Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon, which I also ran last year.

It was a hot day and already shaping up to be a scorcher when my family chucked me out of the car somewhere near the Albert Dock about 9am. Given that I take so long to get around, its too much to expect them to wait around so they just come back in time for the finish.


This year the new app they have worked brilliantly as they were able they track my progress.

I ran marathons before I had children as well but I was no faster then. I think that’s just how I run them. Slow and steady but right through to the end.

Although there have been physical challenges in running marathons through motherhood, mainly either due to lugging excess baby weight around the course, or like last year, having to carry swollen boobs around which really needed to feed our youngest, I’ve found that mentally running a marathon is easier now I’m a mum.

Mothers need stamina, endurance, determination, motivation, perseverance, commitment, a sense of humor, and a dose of reality, to get through their journey from pregnancy, birth and throughout parenthood. Marathon runners need these things too.


For me, running a marathon is 80% head a d 20% body, which I always think is a good thing as this body is far from tip top shape yet.

If you want to be in the ‘elite’ section, then clearly you need to adopt a different approach, but for those of you who just want a challenge, to see what you are capable of, or just want to tick something off your bucket list, being a mum is great training!

I ran part of the marathon this year with a lady who was 65, the same age as my mum. Did she look like an athlete? No, she didn’t, but she was on target for completing her 100th marathon by the end of the year and she only started running at the age of 45 after her son completed a marathon and it motivated her to do the same.

She’s my new idol!

I intend to keep using these valuable skills I’ve learnt and developed as a mum and adding more tallies on my chart.

Plus, when you are a mum who runs, you get the best prize at the end of a race. Little people being passed over the barriers and running the last part of the race with you! If I could bottle that feeling and keep reliving it I would. Last year, my two eldest ran across the finishing line with me, this year, the three eldest joined me and so next year I’m hoping all four of them will.


  1. Feeling slightly jealous as it happens. A succession of ankle injuries means I will never run a marathon, although I have always wanted to. Best of luck also as the new host of #ShareWithMe

  2. That is fantastic. Well done. And what a medal! I ran a lot before children and always regret giving it up as nothing comes close to the physical and emotional buzz you get when it’s over. Enjoy the birthday celebrations too. #sharewithme

  3. Oh my while I agree with you that being handed your baby at the finish line is the best thing in the world. I certainly wont be running a marathon any time soon. In fact I don’t think I can even run. #sharewithme

  4. Wow well done you!! I’m not a runner, infact I’m not a lover of any exercise, but I admire those who do! What a great incentive to run though, knowing your baby is waiting at the end must be lovely! #sharewithme

  5. I used to run a lot, and trying to get back into it, but never run a marathon. Impressive! I generally did 6-10 mile runs. Never been above 15 & not sure I would want to! My dad did the London marathon once, but no longer runs due to knee problems. #sharewithme

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