Win a Baby Annabell Brother Doll

Would your little one like to take care of a Baby Annabell® brother?

He is still very young, so he needs plenty of sleep: rock Baby Annabell® brother in your arms and you will really be able to see him close his little eyes and fall asleep! When he wakes up, it’s time for something to eat. When you give him his small bottle, he will move his mouth and eyes as he sucks – just like a real baby!

If you stroke Baby Annabell®’s cheek or gently pat his back, he will move around to show you how much he likes it.

Baby Annabel Brother

What if he cries? Don’t worry. With the dummy included and your excellent care, he will be happy again in no time and you can plan a visit to the grandparents or to your friends!

Baby Annabell® allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy.

Now the exciting part…

A chance to win one of your own.

UK entrants only please – just enter the easy widget below.

Win a Baby Annabell Brother Doll

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  1. I would give this cute doll to my 4 year old daughter Heidi she would adore him 🙂

  2. I’d give it to my niece who’s expecting a little brother/sister later this year 🙂

  3. My little sister is 3 years old and loves looking after all her dolls – she would absolutely love this!

  4. My 4 year old daughter would love this, she’s always wanted a brother but I only seem to have girls.

  5. My youngest would love this he is 2 years old and is always taking his sisters dolls I don’t see why he can’t have one of his own

  6. my daughter has an annabel and she would be very much thrilled to have her little brother as well so im entering for her

  7. I’d love this for my little girl, she’d love a boy doll, 99% of the others out there are girls x

  8. My darling Daughter Alesha she loves her dolls and we have to buy real baby outfits and nappies and wipes so this baby boy would be well looked after lol :)) xx

  9. My daughter and her partner would give it to one of their nieces for Christmas. They are doll mad

  10. I’d give it to my youngest daughter Erin. Her friend’s mum has just had a baby boy so now she feels her baby annabell needs a little brother. This would be ideal.

  11. I would give it to my Granddaughter she loves her dolls and names them all but so wants a real little brother maybe she would be happy with this instead 😀

  12. I would give this to my youngest daughter, shes just getting into playing with dolls and would love a new baby to look after.

  13. I’d give the doll to my son in the hope he would choose to play with it rather than my 35+ year old tiny tears doll that he loves.

  14. I would give this to my son!
    Who says boys don’t love babies!!
    I know my son loves to give babies loads of hugs and kisses!

  15. My 7 year old Daughter is who I would give it to, she asked last week if she could have a boy Dolly, she had her ears pierced holding a boy dolly from the shop so she thinks he helped her be brave!

  16. I’d give it to my youngest two kiddies ( a boy and a girl) they both LOVE playing babies 🙂 xx

  17. I’d give it to Dominic my 3 year old grandson, he has a brand new brother 12 days old and this would be great for when Mum is feeding/changing the baby 🙂

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