*Win a copy* Fairy Tales Retold: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Have you heard of Fairy Tales Retold? In this re-telling of this classic, Snow White is the bravest in all the land, she’s calling the shots, and her seven friends are a diverse mix of ages, races and genders.

The aim of Fairy Tales Retold’s books is to highlight diversity and normalise it. Basically providing a mirror for society, so all children can find a role model or character who looks like them. A study by CPLE in 2018 found that only 7% of children’s books published in the UK feature BAME characters, and only 4% have a BAME protagonist!

Here is a sneak peek at what is inside this book. Fairy Tales Retold’s first book, Snow White is available in hardback with stunning, full-colour illustrations for £17.95 from their website. And so that every child can have the opportunity to enjoy this brave and diverse tale, a free audiobook version, with an original musical score, is also available on Spotify & iTunes.

Go to www.fairytales-retold.com and @fairytalesretold for more info.

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Win A Copy of Fairy Tales Retold: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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  1. Definitely. My own children are mixed race and when they were younger there were very few books featuring non-white protagonists.

  2. Do you think there should be greater diversity in children’s books?

    at the risk of sounding controversial, no l think not

  3. I don’t think there should be diversity for diversity’s sake, but where it’s needed and relevent.

  4. I think there should be as much diversity in fiction as there is in real life, but it’s an issue in adult fiction as well, and until or unless that changes, we’ll never get diversity in childrens’ fiction either. Diversity is characters of all religions, colours, sizes, ages and sexuality… there are so many different people and diverse personalities, how can we represent them all? Maybe a little at a time is an option xx

  5. I do think that it’s a shame that most fairy tales feature a little white girl with long hair. No disabilities, no ethnic diversity.

  6. I do – but i think they should reflect the make up of society and include different races, sexes, family make ups, disabilities etc. It shouldnt just be a case of have a black character or an asian character for tokenism either.

  7. I see a range of diversity in children’s books and I think it’s right but a greater range would be helpful for children

  8. It is certainly something that is changing, it just seems to be a very slow process- the quicker it happens, the better

  9. Yes going forward, and it’s right to reimagine old stories but there’s no need to erase them as they were products of their time and should be read as such.

  10. No, children cover diversity and inclusion at school anyway as part of the curriculum. Children’s fiction are generally stories of escapism and fantasy so don’t necessarily need to reflect real life.

  11. Yes, I think there should be more diversity, but it should reflect real life, and characters should be made a part of the story, so they are not made to ‘stand out’ or be noted as being ‘different’as in this way, diversity is normalised, which it should be. No child should grow up, feeling their skin colour, gender or anything else, makes them stand out as not typical.

  12. 100%. Heroes should be male or female,black, white, Asian, Chinese etc. I think books should be multicultural just like our beautiful world

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