Win a little something to help with Christmas dinner

What will you be cooking for Christmas dinner this year? Are you having turkey? duck? chicken? salmon? nut roast or something else?

Do you enjoy cooking Christmas dinner or find it all a little stressful?

I love everything about cooking Christmas dinner from start to end but I try and work it so it doesn’t impact on the day too much. I normally manage this quite well so I am not in the kitchen all day and can enjoy time together with the family and opening presents.

What always makes a difference is having lovely tools to cook with and we have the perfect prize here just for that purpose – just take a look at these gorgeous sets from Wham Cook – and we have three sets to giveaway to lucky Mummy Fever readers. Just enter the easy widget below, good luck!

Christmas Dinner Set


Christmas Dinner cooking sets

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  1. This year I won’t be cooking for anybody – I’m going to visit my daughter and her family for Christmas. Usually I cook for 7 of us, next year it could be 11.

  2. 8 and a 2 year old, could be fun! Not sure how we are going to manage it but we will as it is Christmas.

  3. I have 6 this year and for the first time for a very long time, I have a huge dining suite for everyone to sit at! I am very excited!! 🙂

  4. 12 of us. Its the first time we will have held Christmas at ours, having both sides of the family around. I would love to win this amazing. This would be perfect! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  5. I roast dinner for my family with all the trimmings! My family go ape for stuffing and mint sauce! x

  6. It might just be the four of us (2 adults, a 5yo and a 1.5yo) – maybe an additional grandparent depending on what they’re doing – I haven’t dared to bring it up yet for fear there’ll be cries of ‘it’s not even been Bonfire Night yet!’….however tomorrow onwards it’s all about Christmas prep! 🙂

  7. Just the two of us – we like a nice quiet Christmas and our families live in different parts of the country 😀

  8. How many will you be cooking for on Christmas day? . . . . .as yet undecided – at least the two of us and maybe as many as 10

  9. I will be cooking for 11 or 12 this year. I quite enjoy it as long as you are well prepared and give yourself plenty of time

  10. We are down to two this year as my sister is going away, we shall miss them but it means extras for the home bodies.

  11. This prize looks absolutely FABULOUS. I also will be taking a good look around the blog as there are a lot of items that look very interesting.

  12. We’ll have at least six for dinner, but there’s still a possibility of four more… knowing my family, we probably won’t know for sure until just after we’ve ordered the turkey.

  13. At least 8, it may end up being more though! Will need all the cook-wear I can get!! 🙂

  14. There will probably be about twelve of us. What a good idea – every Christmas I run out of baking trays and never remember after Christmas to buy more – a really useful prize thanks.

  15. I’m cooking for 12 Christmas Day & 8 on Boxing Day! I never have enough baking trays this is Fantastic x

  16. not sure yet but think it will be me hubby and our little boy perhaps my mum and my father in law but not sure yet

  17. At the moment I’m cooking for 12 people, but this will probably increase as we get closer to Christmas day!

  18. I am cooking for six. My husband, my two daughters, my granddaughter and my dad who is nearly 87. 4 generations all together! Xx

  19. There’ll be 6 of us all together – my husband will do most of the cooking though, probably better that way!!

  20. I thought it was going to be 5 but it looks as though I might be having the rest of the family which will be 10!

  21. 5 kids and 6 adults.
    Cooking every meat you can think of and one veggie dinner.
    Most having turkey but my Dad has decided he wants steak this year!!!! Wish me luck!!

  22. I’ll be cooking for none! We always go to my parents for dinner on Christmas, no one does it better then them. (And I’m sure a lovely new set would come in very handy!!)

  23. I’m cooking a traditional turkey dinner but just the two of us this year, so hopefully a relaxing Christmas.

  24. My brother comes to my house & helps do most of the Christmas dinner which is normally turkey, roast potatoes, sprouts & chestnuts and pigs in blanket

  25. I will be cooking for ten! Am considering deploying a few people with ‘side duties’ as my Nan makes a mean Christmas pud and my Mum has a secret red cabbage recipe 😉

  26. There are four of us – my mum does the majority of the cooking but would love to help her out by giving her these!

  27. we will be 6 adults and 1 baby. My husband is the only non-vegetarian so no turkey for him, he’ll have to have nut roast with the rest of us.

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