Win: The Fast & Furious Box Set

Fast and Furious, a favourite with men and women, has released a brand new movie for 2017. The Fate of the Furious. Have any of you seen it yet? We’ve seen all the others, so it will be a must at some point.

To celebrate the world famous series of fast paced and action packed adventure with a side of Vin Diesel, we would like to offer you all the chance to win a box set of the first seven films, courtesy ofΒ

We are offering one lucky reader a boxset of movies 1-7, which you can watch while playing this fun bingo card based on the film.

Win fast and furious DVDs

Sound good? All you need to do is enter below. UK entrants only please. Good luck!

fast and furious competition

Win fast and the furious films 1-7 boxset

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  1. love the OTT’ness of these films, they get better and better as they go on. Possibly the best switch off the brain and enjoy movies ever.

  2. I’ve never actually seen the movies so couldn’t as yet say what my favourite character is – definitely on my watch list though

  3. I love the Rock in the later films, he starts off chasing them and ends up good friends. I haven’t seen the new one and will definitely be watching it soon

  4. I love Vin Diesel, and think his character Dominic Toretto is heart of the story so Dom is my favourite alongside Han Seoul-Oh (so sad he was killed off along with Giselle) and Letty Ortiz

  5. Vin Diesel plays a good character in Dom. Very complex – sometimes likeable, sometimes not, but always interesting.

  6. It has to be Dom now that we won’t be seeing Brian again, (what a pity he was killed in an accident), they made an awesome team.

  7. I have not seen any of these movies yet… would be great to watch them as a family.

  8. Dom Toretto is the man…can’t see it being as successful if it wasn’t for Mr Diesel πŸ˜‰

  9. This has been one of the best Franchise for movies hated that they lost Paul Walker. I have loved all of them looking forward to more.

  10. I haven’t seen the movies at all – but judging from other posts my favourite might well end up being Dom.

  11. I’ve not seen the series so this boxset would help me to choose my favourite character

  12. Not seen this movie series yet but after reading some reviews it is now on my ‘hitlist’ of movies to watch.

  13. Great prize. I know I’ve not seen 7 yet, but I can never remember which other numbers I have seen!

  14. I really like Jessie from the first movie, shame he didn’t make it πŸ™

  15. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Paul Walker as Brian O Connor, it’s going to be strange watching the newest one without him in it but we are massive fans of the Fast and Furious Franchise

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