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Win two stunning Shine-a-Light books

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will have seen us feature the Shine-A-LightΒ books before. In short, these are stunning children’s books with an added self- discovery element for children, which makes them really exciting.

The Shine-A-Light books are an interactive treat for young children, who are encouraged to hold a torch behind the page to reveal a secret scene, all while teaching them, through beautiful illustrations and words,Β how things work. These books create super learning opportunities and all have stunning illustrations.

Now there are two new additions to this lovely series: The Human Body and Secrets of Animal Camouflage.

The Human Body is great for children wanting to learn how things work. Discover the secrets of the human body with the newest beautiful, educational, and fun title in the Shine-A-Light series. Hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.

Bright, punchy artwork makes every page an adventure in Secrets of Animal Camouflage. A hidden world of snow-covered Arctic foxes, tree-trunk hiding owls, and perfectly camouflaged butterflies will be revealed as you hold the pages to the light. A perfect addition to our new jungle-themed playroom.


Now the really exciting part for you lovely readers, a chance to WIN both of these new titles. What’s more, it’s not just one lucky winner that will get to enjoy these, but three!

Just complete the easy widget below to enter.

UK entrants only please – GOOD LUCK!

Win two new Ivy Kids titles, Secrets of Animal Camouflage and The Human Body

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