Alternatives to chocolate

As much as I don’t mind the children having some chocolate and as much as I love Easter, I have to admit to having a stomach churning feeling having seen some photos on Facebook over the weekend of all the chocolate some children have had. Honestly, some photos looked like a chocolate shop.

When did Easter become so over the top?

I love having fun at Easter, I love hunts, trails, Easter craft, Easter baking and of course there is some chocolate involved in all of that. The reality is however that the children are actually more interested in the fun factor than the chocolate itself, so the hunting is what they enjoy and they could be finding all sorts of things.

I do try to keep everything Easter-related, but sometimes that involves some sideways thinking.

This year, amongst chocolate and plastic eggs the Easter Bunny left behind some Organic Carrot Cake Bars and snacks.

What does this have to do with Easter? Well bunnies eat carrots and he just left these behind of course! How thoughtful of the Easter Bunny to share his carrots with the children!

The children love these, they are soft and moist and a great mid-morning or afternoon snack or indeed on-the-go breakfast.

Apparently 4th April was also International Carrot Day! Who knew?

Do you give your children ‘alternative’ things at Easter or is it a chocolate blow out?


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