Traditional Festive Bakes From Yorkshire And A Chance To Win A Selection To Enjoy This Christmas

We’ve been trying out a range of their traditional festive cakes recently. Read on to see what my tribe thought of them. If your are looking to purchase quality cakes to include in hampers for friends and relatives this year, these cakes would be a wonderful addition. They use quality ingredients in all their traditional bakes and they also have options for diabetics and those following a gluten free diet.

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4 Tips For Harmonious Mealtimes With Kids

It’s no secret to any mum ever that mealtimes with kids can be hectic. The frustration of everyone eating different meals, dealing with the mess that toddlers create as soon as your back is turned for a few seconds, and of course, the complete nightmare of trying to drag the children away from whatever they are doing for a few minutes just to eat something is a daily problem for many.

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Easy ways to spice up family meals

Family life, as wonderful as it is, can sometimes feel like a treadmill. This is especially true of family mealtimes. Perhaps you feel like you are constantly cooking? Perhaps you feel as though you are always cooking the same things and you are boring yourself, never mind everyone else? Perhaps you find yourself cooking multiple meals or several different versions of meals, to accommodate dietary requirements or preferences? Perhaps you just want to try something different without having to get the cookbooks out?

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