Are you looking for better tap water?

We’ve been trying out the Zerowater 12 cup filter, which is priced at £39.99. It comes with a total dissolved solids reader so you can test your area’s water quality before and after. Some cities like Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, London have water readings of over 280, after using Zerowater it goes to 0 – impressive bit of kit!

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Afternoon tea essentials

If you are someone who loves to treat yourself to afternoon tea, you may have felt as if you were missing out during the pandemic. Whether you want to make the perfect afternoon tea at home or want to host a tea party – here are just some of the afternoon tea essentials you will need to create the most wonderful afternoon tea ever!

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What’s there not to love about Lotus Biscoff?

Today, as an ode to my children’s favourite biscuits and biscuit spread, I’ve decided to share some of the best Lotus Biscoff recipes I found online, so both you and I can try something different at home. You might be an experienced baker or you might not have any experience in the kitchen, don’t worry – I found some delicious recipes that anyone can make!

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