5 Tips for Getting Used to Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth, wonky smiles, gaps, and overlaps are all very common. Often, attempts are made to correct these issues when we’re in our teens, with uncomfortable braces and retainers. Unfortunately, these don’t always work, typically because we don’t fully commit to the process, or we choose not to follow through with aftercare. This can mean that our teeth move back over time and even after years of dental work, our smiles aren’t what we’d like them to be.

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Christmas Glow Up: beauty products to give you a glow

With a range of winter sales and offers on at the moment, now is a great time to do this as lots of brands have sales and deals starting ahead of Christmas. The other way you can benefit from these sales is using it as an opportunity to buy something that you would normally consider out of budget. So, for example is there a face cream you’ve always wanted to try but can’t justify the price, a scar treatment perhaps, or just some luxury products you’d love for the Christmas hols? With the level of uncertainty again in the world, everyone deserves a little treat.

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Fragrances for kids

Do any of you remember as children the first fragrance or perfume you had? I remember having a bottle of Charlie Red and being obsessed with something called Tribe for ages. Anyone else remember that? It was a really funky black twisted bottle with a pink and blue lid. I also remember a time when I had what was possibly a rather questionable collection of impulse body sprays – anyone else?

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