Guide to Buying Your Council House

If you are a council house tenant in England, you may be able to buy the property following particular eligibility criteria. You are particularly eligible to purchase your council property if you have been a tenant for over three consecutive years. You must also have a secure payment status for your application to be convincing to your landlord. These criteria may, however, differ for Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

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The truth about ‘back to back’ birth

having babies

If you’ve been told your baby is back to back don’t panic. There is lots of time for the baby to turn before labour and if they don’t you can still do it. There were a few concerned looking faces during my last two births but I was so determined to get my babies out without forceps that eventually started to shift them in the right direction. Good luck and trust your body! It will all be worth it.

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5 Family-friendly hotel chains in the UK

family hotels

When you are travelling with children it can make a massive difference when you stay somewhere that is child-friendly. Whilst travelling and being away from home is an adventure, it can be stressful for families trying to do the dinner, bath and bed routine when in a different place. Crikey, that whole part of the […]

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