Why Switch To Organic Towels

Towels are essential staples in the bathroom and kitchen. You dry your body, hands, and face with them. Unfortunately, comfort is often the only deciding factor in buying a new set. Safety is often an overlooked feature, even though towels touch your skin. 

Like clothing, the type of towels we choose can impact our comfort, wellbeing, and the environment. This article will find out what organic towels are and why it’s time to switch to organic towels.   

What Are Organic Towels?

Organic and natural are often interchangeably used, and for a good reason. Apart from natural raw materials used in manufacturing, the growing process for these materials must also be ensured. 

An organic certification means that the raw materials used in creating organic towels, such as embroidery blanks towels, aren’t exposed to synthetic chemicals and fertilisers in all stages of production. 

Organic towels, mostly made from naturally grown cotton, must also go through the manufacturing process with fewer chemicals and resources. Traditional towel production includes brighteners, preservers, bleaches, and synthetic dyes to process the textile. Organic towels typically may still go through these processes but without using potentially harmful chemicals.  

5 Reasons Organic Towels Are Better 

All-natural or organic towels may be slightly pricier than their synthetic counterparts. However, buying one is a worthwhile investment. Skipping the use of synthetic chemicals from the growing to the manufacturing stages provides the following benefits:

Organic Towels Don’t Leave Harmful Chemicals On Your Skin 

The pores on your skin expand after washing and bathing, allowing chemicals to enter more swiftly. Most experts recommend using moisturisers after washing for better absorption and for keeping your skin healthy. If your towel isn’t organic, it’s likely laden with toxic chemicals.    

Non-organic cotton needs synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers to maintain good quality. Unfortunately, these chemicals take ages to break down and may stay on the fabric for a long time.

Chemical use is exacerbated during the processing stages, where another set of inorganic compounds is added to the textile to make it look better, brighter, and more resilient. Your towels may then harbour potentially harmful chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, optical brighteners, and caustic defoamer, among other compounds. On the contrary, organic towels are processed without using these toxic compounds, so you know you’re safe.  

They’re Less Damaging To The Environment   

Being conscious of the environment is a responsibility for everyone. Estimates reveal that the textile industry contributes 10% of carbon emissions worldwide. That’s why manufacturers find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions by streamlining processes and reducing the use of chemicals. These efforts have positively impacted the environment, with organic textile-making able to reduce up to 66% of carbon emissions compared to traditional processes. 

You can contribute to the green movement by making better decisions and striving for sustainability. Switch to organic towels to make your family safe and help preserve the environment.

They’re Less Likely To Irritate Your Skin  

Apart from not passing on some harmful chemicals to your skin, natural textiles are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. The most common skin irritants are harsh chemicals in clothes and detergent soaps, cleaning items, fabric dryer sheets, and latex. With these compounds absent in organic towels, you’re less likely to develop skin allergies and any form of irritation.    

If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to limit exposure to synthetic compounds and non-organic products to prevent a breakout. In addition to buying organic clothes and towels, consider creating an eco-friendly bedroom to complete your lifestyle upgrade. 

They’re More Comfortable To Use

Towels can be made from fabrics, but most organic towels are made from cotton. There’s a world of difference between organic and traditional cotton. The difference goes beyond the manner of cultivation and processing. 

Because organic cotton used in towels is more consciously manufactured, they’re also often handpicked during harvest. In contrast, traditional cotton, usually harvested quickly, is machine picked. Of the two, handpicked cotton is better because it preserves the purity of the fibre and reduces wastage. As a result, the towel made from organic cotton feels more luxurious and fluffy. Organic cotton towels are also more durable because cotton fibres are better preserved.        

They’re The Better Choice  

While a bit pricier than their counterparts, an organic towel is the better choice because it gives you peace of mind and helps improve your wellbeing. If you’re going to the bath or if you’re washing your hands, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your towel harbours potentially toxic chemicals. Using organic fabric enhances hygiene and sanitation practices. Organic towels are also often more durable, and they last longer than their traditional counterparts.    

The Bottom Line

Organic towels are made from natural textiles free from chemicals. As such, they reduce your exposure to potentially harmful compounds. They’re also the better, if not the best choice because they last longer and feel more comfortable to the touch than their synthetic counterparts. 


  1. Nice towels are such a treat in the bathroom. Strangely, I don’t recall seeing organic towels advertised in the usual places I see. Certainly worth paying a little more for the benefits to the family and the environment.

  2. In the bathroom, nice towels are such a joy. Strangely, I don’t remember seeing advertisements for organic towels in the normal locations I see them.

  3. To have access to some nice towels in the bathroom is such a luxury. Strangely, I don’t seem to recall seeing advertisements for organic towels in the usual places that I look.

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