Greenhouse 101


Freshly picked homegrown tomatoes are unbeatable, as anyone who has tasted them will tell you. If you are unlucky enough to only have tried tomatoes from your local market, sooner or later you will realise how great it is to have your own greenhouse. Before you buy a greenhouse, let’s review everything you should know.

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New Family Addition: Top Tips To Welcome Home Your Rescue Dog

puppy eyes

Across the US, UK and other nations, many dogs find themselves residing in animal shelters. Fortunately, if most strays are found, they are more than likely able to find their way back to their home. Another loving family adopts those that do not find their home. More than two million dogs each year are adopted into new homes. Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience, but preparations must be put in place to welcome their arrival.

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What to Write in a 75th Birthday Card

75th Birthday

A 75th birthday card can come in three forms. These are 75th standard birthday cards, birthday cards from independent creators (which involve art shops, card designers or online special card services like Boomf) and free online 75th birthday card templates. An artistically designed watercolour 75th birthday card can also be created by artists and other independent creators.

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Sustainable gifts and homeware

sustainable candle

I’ve recently been introduced to the environmentally conscious brand Wax / Wine – a brand that uses nothing but natural ingredients in the process of making scented candles with essential oils. All the products are repurposed as the brand use wine bottles from bars and restaurants in East London to create lamps, candle holders and jars. How fantastic is that? I love it!

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