What is a Child Tracker Observation?

To anyone unacquainted with the idea of Early Year Foundation Stage monitoring, a child tracker observation has the ring of something unpleasant – an overly stringent teacher keeping tabs on everything a child says or does, rather like a nosy neighbour, constantly peeking through the curtains to tut and disapprove of normal childhood games and fun! But in fact, the truth is much more useful, and all but invisible to the child, when done right.

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Survival guide for busy remote working mums

Whilst some mums seem to defy the laws of nature by becoming amazing earth mothers, domestic goddesses, and career high-fliers, the reality is that this can only be achieved with help. That might be a family member, paid childcare, or by paying for help with another area of life such as a cleaner. In reality, we all have limits and the only real way to be a successful working mum is, to be honest with yourself about your limits. Don’t get disheartened, the ones who look like they have everything in hand, they won’t be doing it alone.

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Go Wild at Home with Knowsley Safari! FREE educational live stream events and online activities

Merseyside-based Knowsley Safari has launched a series of free, educational live stream events and online activities to help people navigate the lockdown wilderness. Whether you’re a parent looking for exciting online content to help keep your children entertained, or someone looking to learn more about the natural world during this time, Knowsley Safari has you covered.

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