Preparing for Christmas? What about retro sweet hampers from Swizzels?

Swizzels Sweet Hampers

I’ve heard a lot of people saying recently that they are cutting down on what they are buying this year as everything is so expensive, or that they are thinking more carefully about what they buy for others. If you like to send gifts to others but are being more mindful about how much you spend this year I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you.

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Christmas Preparation: wrapping and tagging your gifts

This year I am loving my Christmas present tags. I love a good rustic theme with my gift wrapping. I’m loving all the brown paper wrapping with simple designs and these tags are just perfect. They come on stretchy elastic strings, which are also ideal to thread around gift bags if you are using any of those for wrapping your gifts this year. These Christmas present tags are from Aura Print, who can make you custom made tags for all your gifts. Why not take a look and see if anything catches your eye? They also do bespoke Christmas cards if you haven’t bought yours yet. I love bespoke Christmas cards, they feel so much more special.

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Christmas Toy Guide 2021

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have seen my Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. I thought I would also put together a guide just for toys, but not a toy guide of the big brand toys that everyone is talking about this year – who needs to see that list again? Not me.

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