Christmas Bedding: A Fun Tradition

I started doing Christmas bedding a few years ago and I absolutely love it as a tradition. It’s so lovely to get the Christmas bedding out each year. This year I’ve had to renew a couple of sets as the children had grown out of them, but they’ve lasted quite a while.

There are loads of lovely sets out there. One tip is that if you are ordering online, make sure you read the reviews, look at what people say about the fabric for instance. For every ten lovely sets you probably get a couple that look great in the pictures but don’t feel so nice on the skin.

I’ve included a few below, do you like the look of any of these?

I’ve tried to include a range of bedding to suit different ages, interests and colour schemes, but if you are looking for something specific, have a quick search, you might be surprised what you can find. If you are unsure and just want to see what’s out there and be inspired, try searches like kids Christmas bedding and see what comes up.

I normally pop the Christmas bedding on December 1st and put it away just before New Year. What’s your tradition with this?

You can get Christmas sets in all sizes, so if you’ve got a super king bed, or are looking for a single, you can still find something nice. The supermarkets often have nice sets too, I bought ours from George at ASDA a few years ago.

Have you seen any nice Christmas bedding this year? Do let me know in a comment below.

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  1. We love xmas bedding here too and usually put ours on the first weekend in december and take it off between xmas and new year too. The kids have a set but think they could do with something a luttle more grpwn up for next xmas.

  2. Even though we adore our Christmas bedding, we remove it between Christmas and New Year’s Day. They already have a set, but the kids are hoping Santa brings them something a little fancier for Christmas.

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